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Our work targets the core of the issue.

The Law Office of Vítek Mrázek Kramný s.r.o. is a law firm with a team of lawyers that has been specializing in the most important fields of law for more than 30 years. It provides legal services to important business entities, both domestic and foreign, as well as private individuals. It was founded in 1994 on the basis of the previous long-term cooperation between JUDr. Ing. Dalibor Vítek and JUDr. Petr Mrázek.

We ensure that our legal services are provided quickly and efficiently and with expert care. As a result of the close and long-term contacts with foreign law firms in most major world territories, we are able to provide or ensure services at the international standard level even in the course of our clients’ activities abroad. In this respect, our membership in the international network of law firms called The Parlex Group, in which reputable international law firms from Europe, the United States, Israel, Malaysia and other countries take part, means that the client has immediate access to specialized legal assistance in almost every EU jurisdiction as well as other countries. The Parlex Group received the highest rating for 2016 from the renowned rating company Chambers & Partners (Leading Law Firm Networks). Petr Mrázek, a partner in the office, was a member of the Parlex Group Management Committee for several years. We are able to communicate with clients in Czech, Slovak, English, German and French.


We provide legal services in all major areas of law.

We focus on providing legal services primarily in the following legal areas:

Intellectual Property, Software Law and IT

Administrative law (including land-use planning)

Economic competition

Personal Data Protection – GDPR

Real estate and development projects

Waste management

Criminal Law

While our primary focus is on the above-mentioned areas of law, we are also able to provide comprehensive legal advice in other areas of private and public law.

We offer our clients legal experience, understanding the needs of business life and a personal approach. Our aim is to ensure the continuity of work for clients with advisors that they know.


Every step is important to us.

Choose from our quality team of trusted lawyers who will help you also with unusual cases.