Family business – comprehensive consulting

We have been working for many of our clients for more than 25 years. We stood by them when they started their business, founding the first trading companies for them and provided advice on ensuring financing for their operations. Subsequently, we provided these clients with comprehensive legal support for their growth, from the day-to-day legal agenda, including the creation and updating of standard corporate documents, legal advice to management or business dispute resolution, to demanding legal assistance in transforming a business corporation and acquiring competitors. We greatly appreciate the long-term cooperation with these clients and we are pleased to be confident in addressing the issue of succession and handing over a successfully built family business to descendants as well as when they decide to sell a successfully built company. We remain in close contact with our clients even after they decide to leave the everyday world of business, and we provide them with legal advice on other activities such as asset management, establishing trust funds, and investing at home and abroad.