Our major cases

The Law Office of Vítek Mrázek Kramný s.r.o. provides legal services to various companies, large, medium and small business entities, but also to private individuals or municipalities. Clients’ business activities range from manufacturing and distribution, international trade, real estate development and promotional services to forwarding, financial services, waste management and tourism.
Due to the confidentiality obligation and the confidential nature of the relationship between the client and the lawyer, we are not authorized to publish here the names of our clients, which include both major international companies and many important representatives of the Czech business environment. However, we can state that in the area of commercial law we provided our clients with complete legal services in the following important cases, for example:

/ 01

Mergers and acquisitions

The purchase and sale of shares, acquisition and transfer of ownership interests in commercial companies, namely for clients operating in these fields – distribution of motor vehicles, healthcare, the construction and sale of flats and family houses, wholesale and retail sale of metallurgical materials, retail of luxury goods; we represented both the transferor and the acquirer in these transactions; The total value of the transactions in which we have participated is in the order of billions of CZK with individual cases worth up to hundreds of millions of CZK.

Complete due diligence of companies in connection with the sale or purchase of a company.

Complete legal assistance in a hostile takeover or control of a company and the provision of legal defense in an attempt at a hostile takeover or control of a company.

Complete legal assistance in the transformation of companies in the form of mergers, de-mergers and changes of legal form for clients doing business in these fields – distribution of motor vehicles, healthcare, construction and sale of apartments and houses, wholesale and retail, publishing.

/ 02

Economic competition

Comprehensive legal advice to importers of motor vehicles on the modification of EU block exemptions in the field of motor vehicle distribution, including work on new contractual documentation and the solution of contractual relations in the distribution network.

Regular assessment of the compatibility of commercial practices in the field of vertical agreements, in particular in the area of motor vehicle distribution with Czech and European competition law.

Legal assistance in the field of competition protection, including the processing of documentation for the approval of mergers and representing the client both before the Office for the Protection of Competition and before the courts.

/ 03

Development projects

Complete legal assistance in development projects from the purchase of land for construction to the sale of apartments and houses to end users.

Complete legal assistance in real estate transactions – sales and purchases of major residential, industrial and commercial properties and ownership title analysis.

/ 04

Insolvency proceedings

Representing the creditor in the insolvency proceedings, which acquired 100% of the bankrupt company and subsequently, in a reorganization, it fully satisfied all creditors; this was the first reorganization of this kind in the Czech Republic, in which all creditors were fully satisfied and whose value exceeded CZK 250,000,000.

/ 05

Commercial disputes

Representation in litigation to provide reasonable compensation for the takeover of a distribution network; We successfully defended an amount exceeding CZK 1 billion for the client in court proceedings.