Private clientele, family law

There is never enough time and private individuals appreciate when they can pass on some of their private worries to reliable legal advisors and thus make room for other activities. In recent years, the number of our clients in the area of family law has been increasing, where we represent clients in courts and resolve divorces, matrimonial property settlements, custody of children, but also domestic violence. However, we also advise our clients on the purchase or lease of real estate, when concluding employment or notice of termination of work, claiming cars or other products, during serious injury and in a number of other life situations. Our clients are senior managers and other employees often from among our corporate clients, domestic and foreign people interested in buying, selling or renting land or other real estate, people interested in establishing a company in the Czech Republic and abroad, and in particular a large number of individuals who need to deal with their family relationships, including issues of succession law.